I am a native resident of Atlanta, Georgia, and have been involved with film and video ever since I was a teenager. After several years of AV club in high school, I started at Georgia State University in the Fall of 2000. Majoring in Film & Video, I gradually became well-versed in all aspects of traditional and digital filmmaking, such as writing, storyboarding, lighting, shooting, directing and editing.

Following my graduation in May of 2005, I soon landed the job of ‘assistant editor’ on a new show for MTV, “Two-A-Days”, shooting that summer in Alabama. Shortly after production began, I was promoted to ‘editor’, assuming responsibility for much of the post-production process on the pilot episode. Following its completion, I returned to Atlanta and was soon hired on at Soapbox Studios, a local post-production studio. During my time there, I developed my skills as a short-form promo editor; crafting spots for many of the Turner broadcast networks.

In March of 2009, I left Soapbox Studios to resume my freelance editing career. Since then, I have continued to work with many of Turner’s broadcast networks, including CNN, TNT, TBS, TCM, Cartoon Network and Boomerang Latin America. Additional clients include The Weather Channel, Gospel Music Channel and MTV Latin America. I have also been privileged to develop my skills as a long-form editor. Working with Crazy Legs Productions, I have personally edited multiple episodes of Travel Channel’s “Hidden City”, as well as “Bloodlands” and “Your Worst Nightmare” for Discovery ID.

My skill-set includes Avid Symphony, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop.

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